KARNAGEKILLS: fierce, beautiful…"killer"

I’m a gay boy from London, about to tear up the grime scene, I spit bars, I murder shit rappers...it’s just what I do really to be honest...
— KarnageKills (Talking to @thepurpleraincollective)
“I’m a gay boy from London, about to tear up the grime scene, I spit bars, I murder shit rappers...it’s just what I do really to be honest...” KarnageKills perfectly sums up what he is about, his ethos and his attitude when answering the opening question in an interview with @thepurpleraincollective. Karnage is a queer, black grime artist making waves on the fringe and counterculture stages across London - this boy is fierce, beautiful and fabulous…and he’s ready for the crossover from queer audience to mainstream, straight, hip hop and grime purveyors "That's what I'm waiting for! I'm waiting to win over straight people haha , I can't just perform for the queer scene my whole career. The gay/queer community is where my CORE fans will always be! They're the ones that believed in me first! But my mission is to go mainstream! My goal is to be the first gay British Mogul!! That means I need to win the acceptance of near enough the world! So yes I would feel comfortable, but I know I couldn't win them all over with an amazing body and great hair lool, it would have to be STRICTLY BARS!” And he seems on his way to making that crossover appeal with remixes of Stormzy’s ‘Shut up’ and 'Big for your boots'. 
I’m a force I don’t mean lightsaber! Dem man told me that I can’t spit, coz I don’t spit.
— KarnageKills, 'Shut Up' Remix

Ay yo Dylan got a dick bigger dan my ambition”
— KarnageKills, 'HoeDiaries'
A Clodhopper has the habit of sometimes being idealistic and coming to conclusions based on hidden messages WE think are there and on this occasion it’s no different. For us Karnage is possibly/hopefully part of a new wave of openness in the grime and hip hop scenes, following the lineage of successful openly gay MC’s including ‘Le1f’ and ‘Mykki Blanco’ and Birmingham Grime MC ‘Rawzilla’. It is a true optimism that Karnage might be the next Angel Haze and the young MC thinks the gay scene, at least, is ready for it “I feel like they've been crying out for it! A gay, black rapper that can spit HARD, and NASTY! Haha AND who's feminine looking so their is no other category I could fall under other than being openly gay! A lot of people claim to be bisexual first or don't come out at all until late in their career but I'm open about my sexuality from the beginning, and I think it almost makes people proud to see that! .. In 4 months I've created what I'll call a spark (I don't wanna call it a buzz because I feel as though I still have a lot of people's attention to catch). But i think it's partly because people have been waiting for someone who is openly gay! And also has the capacity to really bring 'gay rappers in hiphop' mainstream!”

Alex Jones2: Are u a man or woman I can not tell
karnage kills: Alex Jones I'm guessing you haven't read the description 😪🤷🏾‍♂️
Awkward: haha Draw your eyebrows on i can see     
karnage kills: Awkward wasn't you wondering why they're better than your girlfriends? ... oh wait..


Still, as always, the haters are there especially when it comes to public online forums, but if the example above is anything to go by the young London MC is ready to ‘clap back’. All in all though Karnage says naysayers are a rarity so far in his career “Honestly haters is something I'm yet to battle with! I've had maybe a few what you could call "shady comments" but I'm good at biting back and because I'm working on myself (lol) I'm learning how to ignore people. But the love I have gotten from my community and even people outside of the community is so powerful that I'm able to draw strength from it and bypass the haters! I love and adore all my supporters and prey that I'm able to achieve everything I set out to and more not only for myself but for them, because they've invested their time and love in me!”. Karnage is almost the definition of subversive, in the predominantly macho and almost universally aggressive world of rap - he is black, femmes, queer and as he says “he kills” when it comes to rapping. Bravo sister - we salute YOU!

Twitter: @KarnageKills