Lord Hicks: Nicki Minaj, Grindr and a Ukulele

I first met George Hicks, perched upon a rooftop, on a rare sunny London day in North West London and with received pronunciation that could cut diamonds he regaled our small party with performance after performance gayly (figuratively and literally) on his Ukulele. Not long after this he released his first video as 'Lord Hicks' doing an Eton, Harrow or House of Windsor cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, pronounced super b'arse of course. A mini viral hit the video now sits at nearly 45,000 views and birthed a performance character worthy of the most subversive stage ‘one’ could find.

Lord Hicks’s performances and videos play on the most common perceptions of the learn-ed classes with a devilish  ‘silver’ spoon firmly in cheek, best demonstrated in one of his original compositions ‘The Grindr Song’. A tune “about finding love in the 21st Century” the video sits at nearly 23,000 views already thanks in part to his lordship having been a finalist in Pride’s Got Talent and The Q Factor this year. In the composition he humorously bemoans the gay dating app:

Allow me to relate,
I struck up conversation with Grindr user number one,
He said - hello up for chilled fun,
I said certainly, what did you have in mind,
He said - I wanna take you hard from behind!
Too shocked to reply - he went on,
Would you be up for that?
I said I’d rather a walk and nice chat,
He said I’d rather pound your man twat!

Classically trained Hicks started out as a treble singing for the English National Opera (ENO) but it's his reincarnation as Lord Hicks that has proved most successful and very delightfully wicked. Despite this success I might ad though; as it stands Lord Hicks is still being disappointed by Grindr and only has his Ukulele to play with. But with a burgeoning and adoring online following there are worse things, that get likes and views online, he could be playing solo with.