THREE ARTISTS: Sitting in a tree...


A Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate Katrine Roberts is a young London artist who has exhibited domestically in London and York, and internationally at the Space K Galleries across South Korea. A Clodhopper would describe her pieces as emotive, whilst generally abstract they conjure a feeling of yearning and passion that is sometimes whispered in delicate monochrome or shouted in vibrant colours that contrast with white negative space. Talking about her RCA degree show installation ‘A kind of completeness' Katrine said:

“I’m obsessed with highlighting physical boundaries, seeing them as constantly oscillating...I’ve fetishised the edge and thresholds throughout my work and, even though the various elements that make up the installations are abstract, they reference every day items...” Whilst having huge movement and depth, Katrine's work has predominantly been 2D but in the last few years her practices have moved to visceral fabric sculptures and time-based paper installations. Proving she is an artist who likes to explore boundaries - and A Clodhopper loves an artist who doesn’t play it safe.

Joseph Steele

Where to start with Joseph Steele? Maybe one of his many mediums - shooting things out of canons and using the explosions to create art, notably in collaboration with Lulu Guinness for a line of paint-splattered handbags. Or maybe the time he made an “art movie” of two friends having sex for an exhibition piece called ‘Joseph Steele: Now that’s Why They Call It Art (Baby)’, it was filmed in one of Newcastle University’s buildings, a school he graduated with 1st Class Hons BA Fine Arts I should add. In his current incarnation Steele has been travelling to far off places like Iraq, Syria and the Greek island of Chios for photography projects, and his most prolific output at the moment seems to be portraits of contemporary figures, A Clodhopper favourites include Chelsea Manning, Gilbert Deya and Ted Cruz. A look through his work and you see an artist's journey and one that seems to have matured and coalesced a bit recently, or has he put in a Huffington Post interview once “I think I’ve grown up a lot since filming my friends having sex..”


Hailing from Martinique, the beautifully french accented Laurence Rose Mencé carries herself with the cool easy going nature that A Clodhopper imagines is life on the Caribbean island. The French motion designer based in London studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, France and cut her teeth at the uber design company Wieden+Kennedy. Her CV is littered with some of the biggest brands in the world including Nike, Sony and Mercedes Benz. Now a freelance designer and illustrator Laurence’s personal creative outlet seems to vary from observational sketches; to humorous minimal cartoons and trial and error animations. All the while using two different mediums to draw - predominantly the work published on social media is pictures of pages from her sketch books, but increasingly many of her posts are sketches or animations done on her Ipad pro. Laurence Rose Mencé appears to be an very analogue girl, who is very comfortable, in a very digital world.

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