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Roscius: World. Minimal. Disco.

"The question I was asking was how I could party, have as much fun as dj’s with what I knew how to do. So my aim was to be a dj with real music instruments so I had no choice, I had to find the sound of instruments, an imitation of sounds a dj uses, filters, reverberations."

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Jarvia Foxter: Dancing to the beat of a different 'Gong'

The pocket between my brain and scull seem to vibrate microcosmically, my frontal lobe felt like it was exhaling, relaxing, and nearly every part of my body felt the sonic waves from my toes to my nipples, from my fingers to my perineum. This was my first experience getting an AcuGong bath from Jarvia Foxter.

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Peaky: from public school to underground

Hailing from Ladbroke Grove in West London Peaky made his way to the British Hip-Hop scene’s underbelly via prestigious fee-paying Charterhouse boarding school. Writing his first song at just eleven-years-old to Michael Jackson’s Thriller it was after he won a scholarship to Charterhouse, at the age of thirteen, when he met DJ/Producer and collaborator HAWF (Will Hofbauer).

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